Completed Projects

Sr. NoProject TitlePeriod (From-To)Location (Districts)Project Cost (Million
Donor Agency
1Capacity building of community on Women/child rightMarch to September 2010Muzaffarabad1.7RSPN/DIFD
2Strategic Planning of AJKRSPMarch to September 2010AJKRSP- Head Office1RSPN/DFID
3School Safety Pilot projectMarch to June 2010Muzaffarabad1.7WFP 
4UNICEF Education ProjectSeptember 2010 to January 2011All 10 Districts of AJK5UNICEF
5UNICEF WASH ProjectSeptember 2010 to December 2010Neelum, Poonch
Sudhnoti and Bhimber
6WFP food distribution ProjectAugust 2010 to January 2011Neelum10WFP  
7Formulation of water and sanitation policies, strategies and action plan (for AJK)August 2010 to March 2011AJK1.4RSPN
8Distribution of Food package and Cash GrantsSeptember to October 2010Muzaffarabad0.5Save an Orphan
9Establishment of District level NetworkMarch to September 2010Muzaffarabad2.4RSPN/DIFD
10UNDP post disaster livelihood improvement projectOctober 2010 to March 2011Neelum25.5UNDP
11Social Mobilization, Capacity Building  and creditMarch 2010 to July 2011; continue with AJKRSP core fundingNeelum, Kotli, Mirpur and Bhimber,  11.28IFAD/FAO & AJKCDP
12Capacity Building of staff of Line departments and community organizationsDecember 2007 to July 2011All over AJK5FAO & AJKCDP
13Islamic center Glasgow and healing wounds Scotland shelter ProjectSeptember 2010 to March 2011Neelum5.5Healing wounds Scotland
14WFP Food for Work Project (early recovery)May to August 2011Neelum5.3WFP
15Community Livelihood Rehabilitation Plan Project (CLRP)May 2009 to June 2011Bagh, and Muzaffarabad, and  Poonch 70FAO/ERRA
16Mahaseer Fish Conservation ProjectJanuary to July 2011Rawalakot, Kotli, & Mirpur2.5Himalayan Wildlife Foundation
17Draught Recovery Assistance Programme Project (DRAPP) August 2014-October 2015Bagh, Muzaffarabad, Bhimber,  Kotli1.903P&DD, GoAJK
18USAID Citizen’s Voice Project (Reform in Energy SectorDecember 2012-May 2014Muzaffarabad, Mirpur, Bhimber6.8USAID-TDA
19Community Nutrition Programme (WFP)July13 – May17Mzd, Hattian, Neelam, Haveli270WFP
Total437.48 Million