Environment & Natural Resource Management (NRM)

(Environment and Agriculture, Livestock, Forestry, Fishery)The objectives of E&NRM sector are, to provide support to communities in all aspects of E&NRM and to facilitate service providers in efficient and effective planning and delivery.The forum of organised communities offers a platform for effective linkage between the service providers and the intended beneficiary communities.  Extension workers can reach households through the forums.  The community institutions can nominate persons for E&NRM training according to agreed criteria.  Community members can be gathered at a local venue to facilitate trainings or other activities by department extension workers.  Inputs e.g. improved seeds can be properly distributed through COs (community organisations).  COs can facilitate efficient preventive vaccination of animals.  Within the organised communities, committees can be formed for social forestry etc.

Implementation Approach

AJKCDP has an agreement with government departments to implement IFAD (international fund for agricultural development) funded interventions in E&NRM, physical infrastructure schemes, vocational trainings etc and that agreement continues with AJKRSP. The agreement envisages that all these sectors will use community institutions as a conduit for effective planning and delivery. AJKRSP agreed on a MoU with the agriculture department outlining a partnership where extension work will be done through community organizations. AJKRSP wants to make similar MOUs with other departments related to E&NRM



SectionUnitQuantityNo of Benefited HHsNo of Benefited Cos
Demo Orchards (50 plants each)No’s240386239
Demo plots for Rabbi Fodder(2 Kanals Each)Kanal5176769
Demo plots of kharif Cereal (2 Kanals Each)Acrs5241274
Demo plots of kharif Fodder (2 Kanals Each)Kanal36218152
Demo plots of vegetable KharifKanal19242216
Demo Vegetable plots of rabbiKanal147417255
Establishments of fruit plants nurseriesNo’s0414980
Progeny OrchardsNo’s521204
Basic Seed PotatoHa023638


SectionUnitQuantityNo of Benefited HHsNo of Benefited Cos
Community PlantationHa25,8037208623
Loose stone Check DamsCu.M1,6803812
Masonry Check DamCu.M37508
Private PlantationsHa204050
Seeding produced containerizedMillions03535
Seedling production Bare rootedMillions0145259
Wire Stone CreatesCu.M55497324
Seeding produced containerized04030


SectionUnitQuantityNo of Benefited HHsNo of Benefited Cos
Farmer Trainings for silk RearingNo15023570
Mulberry PlantationMillions420616
Purchase of Mulberry SaplingMillions0010

Live Stock

SectionUnitQuantityNo of Benefited HHsNo of Benefited Cos
Cows packageNo’s1,2811,281500
De wormingNo’s331,199771383
Diagnostic testNo’s598482507
Supply of ChicksNo’s1,105,5752,342736
Two Goats for one familyNo’s660330353
Mineral mixtureNo’s48228