Gender & Development (GAD)

GAD applies to the organization’s staff members (all sexes) as well as to the community members.

Staff members: Equal opportunity for employment and promotions. All staff members sensitized to gender issues. From a gender sensitive perspective, necessary facilities provided to staff members and appropriate rules and regulations framed.

Community: Aim for 50% women participation in all program components. Genders sensitize communities as well as LSOs. The organization ensures gender sensitive perspective in all program interventions.

AJKRSP’s strategy for GAD is,

Staff members:

  • Human Resource (HR) policy drafted for equal opportunity for staff members.
  • Gender sensitization training for all staff, BoDs, VOs/LSOs.
  • Gender policy framed. Rules and regulations made consistent to policy (this is not women specific).
  • Gender Committees formed at head office and regions to ensure compliance.


  • Criteria set for participation of women in community institutions.
  • Incorporate gender sensitization in all community management training.
  • Gender Committees formed at LSOs (UC level) and TSNs (tehsil level).
  • Incorporate gender perspective in all program plans. This is facilitated by the inclusion of women in all planning; or at least later vetting by the gender Focal Person.
  • Preference to gender focused CPI (community physical infrastructure) schemes.
  • Focused interventions for women (gender section to try to identify funding opportunities).
  • Solve legal issues of women and LSOs

Human Rights:

Work on human rights, especially women’s, youth and child rights.

Awareness and motivation sessions in community management trainings
Within community institutions, forums/committees on rights issues
Women and child rights project is on-going.  Other project proposals being sent out

Civic Rights & Obligations:

The community institutions are an efficient forum to educate and motivate people about their civic rights and obligations.  Community management trainings, GAD trainings and sensitization and other HRD sector trainings can incorporate awareness and motivation about civic rights and obligations.

Here Civic Rights and Obligations can include obtaining computerized National Identity Cards, birth and death certificates, voter registration, delay in pension and awareness about basic constitutional rights and so on.

Achievements of Gender (COs Formation):

District OfficeField UnitMenWomenMixTotal
Jehlum ValleyHattian Bala331302150783
Neelum ValleyAthmakam1515408213
KotliNakiyal+ Kotli254180151593