Human Resource Development (HRD)

The objectives of HRD section of AJKRSP are the Capacity building of program staff, all community tiers, local support organizations (LSOs)/local NGOs and where relevant of related staff of line departments, establishment of strong linkages with training institutions like TEVTA, NRSP – Institute of Rural Management (N-IRM)etc to avail technical expertise of otherorganizations and financial support of public sector for trainings and to establish credible HRD section at AJKRSP to cater the needs of capacity building of rural population of AJK.The strategy of HRD section is,Staff training:  Training of staff in conjunction withN-IRM, Islamabad.  As per need assessment of staff members, AJKRSP nominates staff members to N-IRM for trainings. N-IRM supports AJKRSP through offering subsidized training fees.  With the passage of time AJKRSP has plan to establish its HRD section on the same lines as N-IRM.Training of communities:  Community institution management trainings and trainings on social mobilization& institutional development mostly conducts by AJKRSP itself.  In order to minimize cost and quick delivery of trainings, AJKRSP trains LSOs’ nominees as master trainers who then trains community members.Technical and vocational skills trainings: Technical and vocational skills trainings are major components of HRD section.  AJKRSP links with existing organizations/institutions, such as, N-IRM, Technical Education & Vocational Training Authority (TEVTA), Extension Services Management Academy(ESMA) and Forest Training Institute. An MOU with N-IRM has already been signed in this regard.  AJKRSP’s role is to nominate the community members through community institutions.To facilitate community members, especially women, village based trainings will be offered wherever needed and possible.

Program sectors related trainings:

A number of program sectors have components that require trainings to be done.  For example, in social sectors, there are trainings for SMCs (school management committees) and HMCs (health management committees).  Or community trainings in disaster risk management, community management skills trained for office bearers of COs/VOs, leadership management training for office bearers of LSOs/TSNs, book keeping, record keeping,  internal audit and financial management trainings for CRPs/Activists.  HRD section will work with the concerned sector in finalizing the training module.  HRD may be required to do training of trainers (ToT) at LSOs etc which would then carry forward the training.

Training of LSOs/local NGOs:  Trainings in SM&ID, record keeping, Village/UC planning, proposal writing etc.

Orientation of staff of line departments:  For those who directly interact with AJKRSP or with the communities at the village, UC or tehsil level.

Areas Of Human Resource Development

Community Management Training Programme

  • Vocational Training Programme
  • Natural Management Training
  • Health & Education
  • Human Rights
  • Gender & Devlopment
  • Ohters
  • Disaster Risk Management

Progress under HRD

Training NameMenWomenTotal
Activist Workshops567333900
Book keeping7041111
CMST Refresher9490184
Credit utilization training316136452
CRP Training8821109
Exposure Visits17396269
Internal Auditor27633
Sub Total287116614532

Vocational Trainings

Training NameMenWomenTotal
AC(Air Condition) &amp Refrigeration2525
Auto Electrician115115
Building Electrician136136
Carpenter Training1010
Plumbing and pipe fitting134134
Mobile Repairing1616
Sub Total54912601809

Natural resource management (NRM)

Training NameMenWomenTotal
Bee keeping40141
Female Farmers Trained10111
Livestock management6352115
No of workshops/field day in Agriculture2272229
No of workshops/field day in live stock18355238
Poultry training2858101095
Vegetable training6814611529
Silk Reeling7575
Sub Total87624573333


Training NameMenWomenTotal
Teacher training119178297

CPI Trainings

Training NameMenWomenTotal
Operation and maintenance21620236

Disaster Risk Management

Training NameMenWomenTotal
Students training on DRR54246135155
Teachers training on DRR87106193
Sub Total62947195348


Training NameMenWomenTotal
Activist workshops212139351
Exposure visits5941100
Right based CMST13477211
Sub Total6845231207


Training NameMenWomenTotal
Staff Training35948407